The Photographic Museum of Ontario needs your help and support to build and expand the museum.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase and renovate the old Kodak building in Toronto and make the new home of the Photographic Museum of Ontario. We realize this is a huge project but feel it is important to have such a museum in Toronto to educate adults and children alike about the history of photography as well as to show the new technology of the future. We will also use the museum to display outstanding photographic work of many different Canadian photographer and local emerging photographers.

Help and support can be provided in many different ways;

          1)Financial donations

          2)Equipment donations


Financial Donations

The Photographic Museum of Ontario (P.M.O.), main needs is in the form of financial assistance. We have phenomenal vision for our museum and it all cost a great deal of money. Every single donating, no matter how small or large, will help us achieve our goal.

To make a cash donation click here

Equipment Donations

The Photographic Museum of Ontario (P.M.O.) is accepting any and all donations of photographic equipments. The equipments do not have to be in working order, the only condition is to have the equipments look good cosmetically.

We are accepting:

          i)Film Cameras and Lenses -  35mm, 120/220, 110 cameras, 126 cameras, 4x5, 5x7, 8x10 cameras and certain toy cameras:


         35mm:        Compact Cameras & S.L.R. - All make and models

        120/220:    Twin lens and S.L.R

        126            All make and models

        110            All make and models

        Large formats cameras   -  All make and models

          ii)Digital Cameras  -  Compacts & D.S.L.R.  -  All make and models

          iii)Accessories  -  Tripods, gadget bags, enlargers etc.

          iv)antiques  -  Old brownies, & glass or metal plates 

To make an equipment donations please contact us first at

to arrange for drop off or pick up.



The Photographic Museum of Ontario is looking for people that want to get involved with the museum.

Help organize fund raisers.

Help co-ordinate the donations received

Help promote the museum

Be on one of our committees


Get involved. Become a volunteer with the Photographic Museum of Ontario. Help make a difference.

We are having an open meeting on Saturday October 18th. Come out learn what the museum is all about. See the direction that we are heading. See how you can make a difference and help the museum become a success.






To get more information and to volunteer, please contact Peter Gatt at

or call us at 416 783-6359 and ask for Peter Gatt.